Ise baseball

Ise baseball

our philosophy

ISE Baseball’s client-centric culture means our players are always our top priority. Having represented numerous Hall of Famers, Most Valuable Players and MLB All-Stars, we know the formula to help our clients maximize their potential during their playing careers and beyond.

At ISE Baseball, we leverage our strong industry relationships to help achieve contractual success for our clients from the MLB Draft through the end of their playing careers. We have more than 35 years combined experience and have negotiated over $1 billion in contracts in the last five years alone.

Our unmatched support off the field includes marketing and endorsement opportunities, public relations and social media strategy, community outreach support and foundation management, and a VIP concierge service.

With several former players as agents, the team at ISE Baseball understands exactly what it takes to be successful in Major League Baseball both on and away from the diamond.

services & support

Draft Preparation

Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations

Arbitration Preparation

Marketing and Endorsement Opportunities

Public Relations and Social Media Strategy

Community Outreach and Foundation Support

Post Career Management

Concierge Services

Our Team

ISE Mark Pieper

Mark Pieper
CEO, Baseball

ISE Fernando Cuza

Fernando Cuza
President, Baseball

ISE Abel Guerra

Abel Guerra
Player Representative

ISE Aileen Villarreal

Aileen Villarreal
Public Relations

ISE Amber Poders

Amber Poders
VIP Concierge

ISE Arturo Perez

Arturo Perez
Player Representative

ISE Carlos Dominguez

Carlos Dominguez
Player Representative

Danny Weinstein
NIL Marketing

Giovanni Hernandez

Giovanni Hernandez
Player Representative

ISE Jacoby Almaraz

Jacoby Almaraz
Player Representative

ISE Janelle Miller

Janelle Miller
Talent & Marketing

ISE Jason Spector

Jason Spector

ISE Jeff Tiedeman

Jeff Tiedeman
Baseball Operations

ISE Worldwide Joh Courtright

John Courtright
Player Representative

ISE Josh Ramon

Josh Ramon
Player Representative

ISE Laina Parker

Laina Parker
Client Relations

Madison Casey
Client Relations

Maeve Donaghey
Client Relations

Mariana Guzman
Client Relations

ISE Matthew McConnell

Matthew McConnell
Player Representative

ISE Michael Hollimon

Michael Hollimon
Player Representative

ISE Michel Velasquez

Michel Velasquez
Player Representative

ISE Mike Milchin

Mike Milchin
Player Representative

ISE Ford Rory

Rory Ford
Marketing, Trading Cards and Memorabilia

ISE Sam Schlechter

Sam Schlechter

Steve Fine
Baseball Operations

Tiffany Spencer
Client Relations

ISE Troy Caradonna

Troy Caradonna
Player Representative